Pro Environment Balloon Alliance


Our commitment to our environment

Be a responsible balloon business owner and recipient

Recently the balloon industry has been under attack for polluting the environment much like plastic straws have come under attack. In certain parts of the world and even some city’s in the U.S., new legislature has been introduced to try and ban the use of balloons. Being in the balloon industry I feel it’s my duty to dispel any myths about balloons and educate my clients about the proper use and disposal of balloons.

We’ve recently become a member of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance). PEBA is a grassroots effort started in Australia to help protect the balloon business community. Our balloon business and many others have signed up with PEBA to bring awareness to the world and our clients that balloons can be fun when used and disposed of properly. As a member of PEBA we do not support or condone, nor facilitate the deliberate release of balloons. We ask that our clients do not release balloons into the air and that they “pin it and bin it”. In other words, after your event or celebration you should pop your balloons and properly dispose of them.

Our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and are sourced from natural rubber tree plants. Although our latex balloons biodegrade we still do not want to litter our environment and harm our wildlife with balloon waste. When a balloon is released in the air it does not go out into space like some may think. These balloons actually burst when they reach a certain height and fall back down to Earth, like the famous quote from Isaac Newton, “what goes up must come down”.

Being a member of PEBA means that we will enforce smart balloon practices, which include making sure all of our balloons are properly weighted so they are not accidentally released in the air. Did you know foil balloons and foil ribbon attached to balloons can cause power outages when released and entangle with power lines? This can be a costly accident for you and your environment.

I hope to have given you a clearer understanding about balloons and the environment. The discussion should not be about why we should ban balloons, but about how we can responsibly use balloons for your celebrations and properly discard them.

For alternative solutions for balloon releases please feel free to contact us:

Melissa Vega

Let's Talk about budgets!

Everyone dreads talking about their event budget. It's almost too painful to disclose the amount to their event planner. As an event planner, I'm here to make you more comfortable and set your mind at ease when it comes to disclosing your event budget to your planner.

More often than not, a planner wants to know your budget so they can better allocate your funds for your event needs. We want to help you get more "bang for your buck". I can't tell you how many times a client will not disclose their budget and will rather spend a good amount of money on one balloon arch and leave the rest of the venue empty. By knowing your budget for balloon décor we can use the same funds and distribute the balloons more evenly throughout your venue for a more balanced look and still manage to set up an arch that is more budget friendly.  

Allowing us to know your budget helps us narrow down the type of décor that we recommend for your event. We'd hate to further disappoint you by showing you items that are not within your price range. By knowing your budget we can customize your event and help you achieve the desired look you’re going for, all within your price range, and perhaps even save you a few bucks!

Whenever in doubt, just remember you're hiring a professional for a reason. We do what we do because we are the best at it!

Welcome Note!

Hi everyone!

If you're reading this than you're probably planning or assisting someone on planning an event. If you are, that's great! I love decorating venues of all sizes. I would love to show you how balloons can transform your event from Blah to Wow! Watching a theme come to life is a feeling like no other!

My name is Melissa and I'm here to help you build that magical moment of yours. It's a big task, but I believe the sooner we get started, the better the outcome. I can do a variety of balloon designs including entrance décor, backdrops, dance floors, bulk balloons, centerpieces, parade float décor and so much more. Want a special way to announce your child's gender at a reveal party? Then try one of our exploding balloons filled with confetti. If you have a large empty space and have no idea how to decorate it, simply send me an image of the space and I will superimpose my designs to show you all the possibilities. Our cutting edge technology allows you to see a glimpse into the future. Giving you the opportunity to make any adjustments before the big day. 

No matter how big or small, we treat each event with the same dedication and attention to detail. Our mission is to make your event everything you imagined and more. 

Expect this blog to cover topics such as party themes, colors and ideas.